Order Mishap. Emergency Craft Store Run. The Walking Dead S7: E8

This morning I had a plan. It even included space to breathe...maybe even an additional hour to materialize this idea I have for making body oil. 

At 8:10 am the universe said, “Fuck that !”.  

Waist beads are a new item in my Etsy Shop, however, their premise falls in line with what I want my store to represent. I have come to realize that a common thread connects all of the unique pieces I craft; I am magic and the things I create are infused with this energy. Crafting is my "medicine", my gift.

Anyway, I had my first production session for my Goddess Strands this weekend. Three customers. 8 waist beads and two anklets. I was proud of myself for crushing out these orders until 8:10 AM this morning when I found myself on the phone with USPS desperately trying to locate the packages I sent to my customers the day before because I fucked up. Something I can now say. 

My first thought was to panic. But a part of me couldn’t allow that. I added these beads to the shop because making my first strand felt like some beautiful ancestral ritual and I wanted to share that. If I panicked I may not make them again and that’s not what I wanted. 

I cried for two seconds, then emailed my customers to let them know I would be making and sending them a replacement order. I then went through my inventory and made of list of what I had to buy. By 8:45 am I was headed on my way to one of two of my craft store stops. 

I wanted to trip. As I drove I thought about what I needed to remake, restoring my customer’s trust, my cost versus profit <<< now non-existent, what to include as a peace offering, and why the lady driving behind me was so far up my car’s rear!

Photo by STANLEY NGUMA from Pexels

Then I remembered, I am magic and I craft because it makes me happy. I got this. 

Craft Store Run 1: They ended their sale on beads. Who the hell ends a sale in the middle of the week! Everybody. Why have I never realized this? And they didn’t have the colors I needed. Fuck. Despite this, I racked up at the “Clearance” bin for the low. 

By the time I headed to the second store I felt lighter. During my car ride epiphanies, I realized that I learned many lessons when I made the original sets of beads. Lessons that lead me to re-examine the making process that I could now use for this redo. I found that I wasn’t angry about the multiple unexpected shop runs. I also stopped beating myself up. I received what the universe was throwing down. 

Craft Store Run 2: I found everything I needed and then some. Spoiler Alert: I’m making Halloween waist beads...Aye!!! 

10:30 am I’m back at home setting up my work station, fixing a huge cup of soda, and picking up where I left off with Season seven of The Walking Dead. For some reason, I have seemed to connect with this show over the past few weeks.  At the end of this episode, everybody finds everybody, once again, after having their asses kicked for a season. I can relate. 

Zombies aren’t after me, but this first year of my business has kicked my ass a few times. But I can choose to look at these minor hiccups as a neverending swarm of obstacles or create or take from the lessons learned to create my ideal state of being that keeps me going. 

As a witchy chick who crafts, I’m always trying to make sure that I am "listening" to the signs the universe shows me. Throughout today's chaos, there were these special moments where I received some type of "gift". I smile as I reflect on them now because I realize they were given to me as rewards for picking up what the universe was throwing down.

Lesson learned Universe!


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